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Operations Director. Graduating from Liverpool University in 1995, with BSc Hons in Cell Biology, Beverley has worked in a number of roles within the biotech industry, encompassing production, product development and extensive travel overseas. Having been with HBI since it's inception in 2006, she joined the board of directors in 2009. Research Associate. Joining in early 2007, after completing his PhD at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Kevin's wide knowledge base and extensive experience in genetics and biochemistry have served HBI well, for example developing an assay to separate and identify genetic variants of alpha-1 anti trypsin. Current interests lie in haematological assays – developing control materials, chromogenic and routine clotting assays. Research Associate. Joanne started at HBI in mid 2007, having spent 2 years as a Research Associate in the School of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University, after completing a PhD in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry at the same institution. Joanne’s expertise in protein purification, PCR, electrophoresis and chemical analysis has strengthened many aspects of HBI’s core research applications. Junior Research Scientist. After gaining his degree in Biomedical Science at Sheffield Hallam University, Michael continued his studies at Newcastle University completing his Master’s degree in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology, to further develop his research skills and industry knowledge. Michael  joined the HBI team in late 2017 to support our manufacturing and research requirements.